Underground Dealer

Underground Dealer 1.0.1

Make a living by buying and selling items on the black market

Underground Dealer software program places you in the future, in an environment where deterioration and ruins are most of what you see. Within this world you have to survive somehow, and the choice you have been given is to learn the tricks of the trade of working in the black market.

When you get in trouble with an enemy, you can choose to bribe them, fight them or you can even choose to run away. As an Underground Dealer, you will have to buy and sell several items and make a profit out of it.

You will be given several different types of marketplaces to accomplish your goal, and it is up to you to make your business grow fast so you can go from a simple street punk to a well-known and respected lord.

Underground Dealer will place you in different situations where you will have to make choices that will determine the level of success of you character.

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Underground Dealer


Underground Dealer 1.0.1

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